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Or do you write everything correctly on your own like a big boy/girl/table/whatever you think you are ?
This is a safe place for psychopaths, don't be mean to them.

Do you experience fear ? If you, how do you experience it ? What do you feel ?

Are you ever :

Sad ?
Angry ?
Envious ?
Anxious ?
Pleased ?
Euphoric ? 

Do you enjoy compliments ?

How do you feel about criticism ?

What are the top 10 things you genuinely enjoy ?

Do you feel pain ?

Are you scared of pain ? If not, do you think there's no limit to how much physical pain you can endure ?

Do you like social interactions ?

Do you ever find it inherently fulfilling to just please someone else, by helping them, offering a gift, solving their problem, offering advice, ... ?

What are the top 10 things you wish you had ? It can be materiel or immaterial things. Like skills, relationships or belongings. 
Some questions for those of you who have a job and been working for a while, while dealing with some sort of mental health issues :

How do you find the strength and motivation and endurance to go to work everyday ?

Do you ever feel like you can't do this anymore ?

Do you ever have to really push yourself and just go cause you have no choice, or is working like second nature to you so that whatever happens you can just go to work mechanically ?

In your bad days, do you allow your performance at work to be affected by your mental state ? Or do you keep that from happening from happening no matter what, even if it costs you a burnout ?

Do you let your bosses know about your issues ?

Do you expect them to lower their standards on your bad days, be understanding of what you're going through, or do you consider it your own problem/responsibility to provide the quality of work that you were hired to produced and engaged yourself to produce ?

If you were a boss, what would be your approach with those things ?

Would you feel compelled to support your employees when they need it or would you be unforgiving and expect to get what you're paying for at all times ?

Would you hire a person to begin with if you're aware of such issues they may have and how it could affect your business ?

Do you think it's dishonest not to be transparent about such issues when someone applies for a job ?

For more context, feel free to write about what job you have or you've had, what mental issues you're dealing with, how long it has been, ... etc
I bought that yesterday, thought it could be useful for drawing :aww:

Doll (3) by olq-plo
Doll (2) by olq-plo
Doll (1) by olq-plo
Doll (4) by olq-plo
I'm sorry to open a thread about this again, but I still don't understand.

Look I'm not angry, I'm not trying to start shit, I just want to understand, and the best thing I can do to achieve this is open a thread where many people can contribute their thoughts on the subject, because I'm pretty sure just noting a specific moderator won't answer my questions.

And if the rule about bumping is in fact as nonsensical as I think it is, then maybe it would be easier for an unbiased person to confirm it for me, because I can understand that a moderator is supposed to support the rules that they go by.

Ok so back to the bumping issue.

1) My thread was locked for bumping it and the mod said :

In an effort to allow all threads equal exposure, we do not allow threads to be "bumped" (leaving a comment or reply to move a thread to the start of the forum page) and as a result, your thread will be closed today.
In this comment, bumping has been defined as leaving a comment or a reply to move a thread to the start of the forum page. If you know how to read a definition and understand what it says, what this is exactly saying is that bumping is defined by the intention of a specific comment or reply. 

What this is not telling us is :

a. That the comment needs to be posted as a reply to the OP (as I was told by some of you) to be considered a bump, and you know why it makes sense that it's not telling us this ? Come on you're not stupid, you know why.

Remember : the goal is to stop people from moving their threads to the start of the forum page "to allow all threads equal exposure", it doesn't take a whole lot of posting to know that a comment doesn't need to be posted to the OP to do that (make the thread come to the surface), you can reply to anyone in your thread and achieve the same effect.

So give me one reason why it is relevant whether the comment has been posted to the OP or as a reply to other comments (which the moderator didn't say anyway, but some of you did define what dumping means this way).

b. If the intention of the poster is what determines a bump, how is the intention of the poster worked out by the mods ? My take on it is that the best you can do is look at the content of the post.

If the post doesn't have any value to it, just says "bump", or contains the same thing that has been posted before (like another link of someone trying to advertise for their contest for example, you'll see those in projct forums sometimes), then maybe you can tell for sure their goal is to bring their thread to surface.

If the post has any value to it, is responding to the actual topic discussed one way or another, you can not tell that "the intention is to move the thread to the start of the forum page", unless you're a mind reader. 

2) What does the etiquette of DeviantArt say on the matter ? 
  • Intentionally bumping your thread by posting a comment so that the thread is "bumped up" to the top of the page is not allowed.These things are discouraged and may result in your thread being locked. You can lock your own thread by clicking the "Close Thread" link below the share buttons on the right-hand side of your thread. 
Again what this is telling us is that bumping is defined by the goal of a specific comment (any comment). This is the only paragraph about bumping I could find in the etiquette.

What this is NOT telling us (what's coming is the made up rules that you guys told me existed and how it makes my post a bump) :

a. That it suffices to post a comment directly on your own thread (replying to the OP) to be sanctioned for bumping that thread (like mentioned before, replying to any comment in your thread brings it to the top, hence why such a rule doesn't make sense and doesn't exist, if you think I'm wrong prove it)

b. That this imaginary rule (a) only applies to a thread that was created one month ago.

Honestly I can't believe I even need to explain this, it's so obviously incoherent and I don't understand why many of you refuse to see it for what it is. Mind you I'm not trying to get my thread re-opened or something.

PS : If you're here to insult me please move on, or don't expect a reply from me.
Can you explain it without big words because what I read so far gave me a headache and I don't understand the thing yet.

Do you have it ? What is it like ? How do you treat it ?

Is it a nasty thing like psychopathy ? 
I was just reading through a thread that had nothing to do with me and found a certain user calling me bipolq-plolar

Apparently from "behavior he experienced first hand"

The experience he's talking about is probably me blocking him instantly after he wrote this comment on one of my threads : 

That's dumb to feel that way, and so are you. You should really get your head examined so you don't mess up someone else's life with all of your nonsense. Not that I expect someone like you to find someone else. It's more pathetic than anything else, really.

The comment really messed with my feelings, especially since yes, I totally isolate myself because I don't deserve relationships and I have no desire to ruin anyone's life for the determined period of time that a relationship lasts. (it's not the only reason, but it's one of them)

With all the trolls in this site, I didn't know who this user was and thought he was aware of this (since I talked about it before on the forums) and wrote that comment purposefully to troll me.

I then noticed him comment riding himself to explain it was a joke. Regardless of how bad it made me feel, it seemed like he didn't intend to hurt so I  forgave him and unblocked him, and I forgot about it.

I mean it was just a misunderstanding, it happens, am I supposed to stay mad even after understanding it wasn't what I thought ?

Maybe it shouldn't even annoy me, but I'm feeling weird emotionally lately, I don't know maybe I need to take vitamin D again. Maybe I should go back to deactivating (I'm not asking, I'm just expressing my thoughts) until I'm feeling more stable because this forum is just full of crap that will annoy me when it's supposed to be the place that relaxes me from the other things.

Why does youtube aways have to chose the worse moments of the videos to suggest them as thumbnail ? And just why is making our own thumbnails is a privilege that has to be earned ?  


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olq-plo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
If you're here to tell me welcome back, please refrain, deactivating doesn't necessarily mean I'm gone, sometimes it's just a way to take a step back and refrain from posting when I feel I need to. Thanks. 
Eta-Carinae2001 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You don't have to deactivate to take a step back.

Just don't log on for a while. 
olq-plo Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
1) When I want to take a step back it does help me to break the habit, otherwise it would be unnecessarily hard and would take a lot more self-control, and I would keep questioning if I really want or need it, when I can just clic "deactivate" and force myself into it and I can't go back anymore.

I'm a person who uses the tools that I have in hand to make things work with a minimum of a friction, that's how I roll, if there's a button that can make it easier for me I'll use it.

2) In a moment of frustration with something going on on the forums it also just brings me emotional relief to press a button and stop everything.

3) Sometimes while I'm taking that break I'm unsure what I want to do next in that moment of frustration when I deactivate, I take that time to reevaluate what I want to do with my account, whether I want to leave completely, to create another account, ... and deactivating puts me in the situation and the right mindset to see if I really want to leave or not, if it's worth it or not, ...

4) Deactivating also discourages other people from noting and posting to me and I don't receive any mentions, which is good if I just want people to leave me alone for a while if there's some drama or some sort of bullying going on. You can argue that I can just stop looking at my notifications, but again, it's more difficult to fight the temptation to look at them than it is to just deactivate and be sure people will consider you gone and stop expecting any reply whatsoever from you. 

Meanwhile I can even use an alt account if I feel like I need to chill but nobody knows it's me so I don't get the downside of posting on my main. 

5) I don't see why I wouldn't deactivate if I feel it helps me one way or another, there's literally nothing wrong with it. Even if you don't see how it's useful for me, I don't need the whole world to validate it, just wanting to do it is enough for me, it's not against the rules so it's my own business.
Eta-Carinae2001 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Okay, I guess I can see your side of it.
nightsvallow Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Please stay!
It looks like some of the mods are trying to shove you out, but many folks like you, and I think you should start to post more art again. Don't let them bring you down! :hug:
olq-plo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. I didn't think the mods were being mean or anything tho, I just wanted to discuss the incoherence of what was said to me VS the actual rules. 
stockpremader Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018
hey whalecum back its good to see you again
olq-plo Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, thanks :)
stockpremader Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018
you're welcome
tell me, would you have had a problem with me borrowing your icon for the lols? like i did with Shesvii's (although in her case i asked her permission)
olq-plo Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know. 
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