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Future scenery
I've learned (or learned again) a few things with the last painting. Namely that I really tend to focus on detailling too soon, which can happen, and ought not ignore some principles when composing the shot. For instance I went from a fairly likely thumbnail to a very rigid composition. It went better after tedious work, still feel a bit less fluid than something made in on quick stroke. 
One thing I should be wary of is perspective. It's dangerous to ignore it, but it can easily lead to boring composition, as my first attempt at doing the temple ended. 
That said, I think I'll go for some speed painting for the next sceneries, to build up some confidence. One forgotten aspect of these illustrations is that the more work poured into one deviation, the more weight I put into its reception with predictable results... I've been thinking about an absurdly detailed jungle/forest shot for some time, but this wont happen before some warming up. 
Maybe I'll pick some of those qu
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Answer my little questions you guys

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 6, 2017, 2:04 PM
Q : what different types of jobs did you have so far if there are any ?
R :

Q : what is / was the best and the worse part of going to school ?
R :

Q : what's your favorite apps that you installed on your phone ?
R :

Q : what is it like to have long hair or not to have them depending on the situation of your hair right now ?
R :

Q : what's the inventory of the stuff you own that are sport, fitness, health, ... related ?
R :

Q : what are 5 things you have in commun with your pet, or if you don't have one, maybe a pet you sued to have or just a random animal that you think ressembles you somehow ?
R :

Q : about how many times did you eat ice cream this summer ? More like...
a. probably hundreds I can't even tell
b. like around 50
c. maybe like 10 to 20
d. a little less then 10 (more than 3)
e. 1 - 3 times
f. 0

R :

Q : what's the purpose ?
R :

Q : if you had to choose one of these colors to dye your hair which one would it be ?
a. pink
b. blue
c. purple
d. grey
e. white
f. green

R :

Q : what would you like to complain about right now ?
R :


Warning : spoiler

I'm just sad Crowley and Castiel died : ' (

But the new character that we can barely se at the end of the season, and the fact that he had an evil smile, that is pretty excitement, can't wait for season 13 :la:

And I jsut started watching 12 monkeys, really good so far I definitely recommend it. 
Don't you just hate when you can see someone has recently commented on a thread, but it's not on the surface, you have to find it in the middle of comments of comments of comments if you wanna read it and it can be in any page x~x
Last night I had a dream where I went to a therapist, and they were really nice to me in the beginning (also they were female in the beginning, but dreams being what they are they became a man at some point lol) but quickly as I was talking to them, they got annoyed at me, especially when I told them that their job isn't to question my opinions as if theirs are above anything, really angered them, to the point of telling me they won't be working with me and they'll give me to a colleague xD

I felt so shitty xD Then colleague entered the scene and my ex-new-therapist is showing them a document about me and they are like "look at this mess" Happy cry (Tears of joy) 

Made me wonder how a first session with a therapist is supposed to go in reality, if some of you could share their experiences cause I'm really curious  :D

TL;DR : I had a dream about my first time with a therapist and it made me wonder how it's supposed to go in reality.
Fill in the blanks.

Let me start and give an example :

Would you give a total stranger a blowjob for 10000 $ ? (sorry nothing else came to mind right now :s)

Anybody can respond, it doesn't ahve to be the previous poste, typical JinxRemoval kinda thread :p
...walk with your arms hanging loosely at the sides of your body ?

Just something I've been thinking about.

It feels weird to me. But I've been doing it lately, trying to understand why it feels weird.

Then I've been looking around, and I kinda noticed most grown up females tend to either hold a bag or an object, or put one hand or two in their pockets if they have nothing, or do all sorts of other mouvement like touching their fingers instead of just leaving their arms hanging, while most males and also child and preteen females I've seen leave their arms hanging freely.

I know it's stupid, but I'm still curious what about you ?
"Baby oh hell yeah, hell yeah, I’d fuck me too, (I’d fuck me too)" - Jonn Hart

Seriously  Undertale Asriel Eww Emoji 

"Cause big girls don't cry"
- Fergie 

Lies  wut  The word you're looking for is "psychopaths" 

"You looking for a girl that'll treat you right, you looking for her in the daytime, with the light" - Nelly Furtado

Like WHY, who does that, what are you trying to say exactly Nelly, that this guy is retarded ? My Face Intensifies
I don't know the taste of loosing consciousness, what it feels like to see reality disappear in response to something that traumatized your body or your mind, I remember ever since I was a kid I was always curious what it feels like when I see it happen to others :confused:

I've had a couple of really painful or really scary experiences in my life, sometimes my blood pressure drops in a phobic situation so low that I can barely see anything and can't really keep standing, but that's not really fainting right ?

How come certain people loose consciousness so easily ? My mom once collapsed because she injured herself a little with a knife in the kitchen, I've had way more serious injuries as a child and even broken a bone (I actually did, closed a metallic door on top of my thumb), never collapsed. Maybe the thought of dying wouldn't be so scary if I could know what it feels like to loose consciousness in a painful situation.

I tried to hold my breath long enough to lack oxygen and faint the other day but it didn't work.

Did it ever happen to you ? Are you one of these people who collapse on a whim ? 
IMG 20171211 132331 by olq-plo
It's one of the best feelings to wake up late and find that mom prepared rice in my favorite fashion and meat for lunch and I can just eat it for breakfast (rip lunch), almost makes you forget about the frustration of replacing coffee with tea <3
NSFW drawings are authorized on this site, that's why there's a mature filter for nudity and sexual themes to begin with. 

I just received this 
Corr by olq-plo

Probably cause this guy decided to report my deviation
Ewww by olq-plo

I was confident I had a mature filter on it so I wasn't even gonna check, but then I thought I'll make sure I did check sexual content and not just nudity, for me there was no doubt there was at least a mature filter enabled, because they don't let you submit without answering that yes/no question, but I was surprised to see there wasn't :frustrated:

No I didn't forget or made a mistake. If it was the case the "yes" would have been checked, nothing was checked, it was just weird.
You can vent here :petting:

So Imma start

:iconmarchosiasvx: she said the shoulders of my drawing look stiff and unnatural Pikachu crying plz     
Is there any special oscars you'd like to give someone or yourself but isn't available in this thread : Forum Oscars 2018! Bring Forth Your Nominations!

Or this one : Top Forumgoers of dA 2017 (nomination round)

Or even this one : Forum Oscars 2018! You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack


I'll start with :

The mad scientist - given to the deviant that keeps strange creatures in their secret laboratory and a stinky plant that attracts carrion insects : :iconpiggies-go-moo: :ninja:

Angry :  %
Fearful :  %
Empty (as in nothing going on, like a meditative state) :  %
Guilty :  %
Jealous :  %
Misunderstood :  %
Underestimated :  %
Excited :  %
Confident :  %
Confused :  %

Also, if you could increase or decrease the occurrence of any of these, which ones would it be ? What do you think would be the perfect amount of these feelings for you ?
Were just in your head, did you the thought ever cross your mind ? :paranoid:
Just wondering, also if you could mention your age cause I'd like to see if there's a correlation.
... marriage with the deviant you dislike/fear the most. Who is it and what do you think your relationship is going to look like ? :ninja:
Just curious to see if some of you have left school, when and why ?

And those who haven't, what do you think about dropping out of school ?


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