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7:10 pm
Mar 23, 2018
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Mar 23, 2018
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Mar 22, 2018
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Answer my little questions you guys

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 6, 2017, 2:04 PM
Q : what different types of jobs did you have so far if there are any ?
R :

Q : what is / was the best and the worse part of going to school ?
R :

Q : what's your favorite apps that you installed on your phone ?
R :

Q : what is it like to have long hair or not to have them depending on the situation of your hair right now ?
R :

Q : what's the inventory of the stuff you own that are sport, fitness, health, ... related ?
R :

Q : what are 5 things you have in commun with your pet, or if you don't have one, maybe a pet you sued to have or just a random animal that you think ressembles you somehow ?
R :

Q : about how many times did you eat ice cream this summer ? More like...
a. probably hundreds I can't even tell
b. like around 50
c. maybe like 10 to 20
d. a little less then 10 (more than 3)
e. 1 - 3 times
f. 0

R :

Q : what's the purpose ?
R :

Q : if you had to choose one of these colors to dye your hair which one would it be ?
a. pink
b. blue
c. purple
d. grey
e. white
f. green

R :

Q : what would you like to complain about right now ?
R :


Thinking of cutting my hair, I really wanted long hair but uhhhh man it's really bothering me x~x I actually noticed it even makes my head feel heavier, when I have a bum on the top of my head my neck feels better because I don't have that weight pulling my head back.
I just keep misreading things lately, it's really weird .___.
I need to shade the skin more softly but with clear contours for pronounced cast shadows and also for the highlights, I also need to use more colors that aren't simply shades of brown, like purple or blue, which I still find it hard to implement.
I just realized I had no more antispasmodic and my period is hurting, I ate a breakfast just so I can take it, sometimes life just sucks really .____.
I think I saw the future in my dreams yesterday xD 

I was in some sort of institution, I'm not sure what it was, it had a lot of clients, maybe a hotel, and there was many robots that looked almost humans, they were helping people and and serving them, and one of them wasn't wearing a top and was standing next to a man who looked like he was rich and he had a whole lot of people surrounding him, so I understood what the job of this one was supposed to be, I thought it was just gross they were like that in public, and then all of a sudden all of the other robots in that area were engaging in some sort of sexual activity with the people, blow jobs and what not
: 0

Don't remember what happened next, I think I was like I have to leave this place it's too weird, then everything changed and rest of the dream was about something else.
I feel like utter shit, my anxiety pills definitly helped have a good night of sleep but I feel so crappy. 
It's so rare and delightful when I finally find something to read without wanting to pull my hair after 2 pages. 
Aww Shesvii draw this portrait of me <3 It's so cool I really like it :tighthug:

olq-plo by Shesvii
Don't know if it's my PMS, the fact that I took a dose of D3 for this season yesterday, or the stressful show I was watching, but I can't seem to sleep and it's 8:30 am, that's really weird, even more so since I haven't been drinking any coffee in almost one month now, and I'm also taking some herbal medicine that's supposed to help relax and sleep on a regular basis -___-
Awesome, after taking a fuckin shower I realized the deivce I use to dry and straighten my hair didn't work anymore, and now I'm gonna be stuck with this hair until I buy a new one

I fuckin hate my voice, why does it have to be so shitty, I've been working so much on improving my range which slightly improved, but I'll never be able to singalong  with a voice like that without ruining it :

Like I can reach the notes, but mine just sound harsh and not soothing at all. Whyyyy, you'd expect someone who looks small and young to have the voice of a little girl, not a smoker's voice :stare:

I guess I'll just listen and shut the fuck up .__.
Wow what a night full of nightmares : 0
- I had a dream about some sort of organization, a couple of men in a car who told me I had to kill someone, and if I refused they would kill my family, and they gave me a gun, and I killed him, and then I just kept shooting cause I was scared he wasn't dead "enough" :|
- And then I was shopping, looking at some clothes, but I had a bag that contained important documents which I didn't realize I put it on a shelf to touch and manipulate some clothes, and all of a sudden my hair started hurting me, I realized the guy who was there in the shop started pulling my hair : 0 I told him to let me go, then I started leaving, I looked back for my bag and it wasn't there anymore, then he grabbed me and told me he had, and I had to have sex with him before he give it bag to me... And all of a sudden , I'm in a bathroom, naked, and this guy is with me, except I have a dick....

- I just forgot about the last one -___-
Dammit I ruined the little bit of pasta there was left by adding olive oil to it because I wanted some fats in my meal, and now I can't finish it since it tastes like shit, I fuckin hate olive oil x~x
You now when people way "why" and then they say something, but it's not really a question ? Like you tell them a compliment and they reply with "why thank you" for example... I don't understand it, no idea what that why is for .____.

Oh and I just realized how satisfying saying "my cock" many times can be.
Note to self : never play again a game you're sure to loose and will frustrate you at 03:00 am right before sleeping. I made such horrible nightmares this night T - T
I just did a speed sketch - painting or whatever, just wanted to quickly have fun

Squeechy by olq-plo
When English speakers express sarcasm with the word "Thanks!", they often use a nasal tone. Some researchers say that this nasal tone shows a connection between sarcasm and extreme disgust, to the point where the speaker is "expelling something nauseating" and he or she wants to remove it not only from the mouth but also from the nose" [source: Haiman].

Nope I don't think people are trying to expel something nauseating from their nose, but rather, the expression of disgust contracts muscles on their faces that are similar to those you would contract to produce a nasal sound, like if you wanted to say "nianiania" with a voice that ressembles witches (that's actually a singing exercise, you go nianiania nianiania nianiania from low to high notes)... yeah so I think my explanation makes more sense than "trying to vomit from their nostrils" .

Do you have a job currently ? 

14 deviants said No (adult)
10 deviants said Yes (adult)
9 deviants said No (minor)
1 deviant said Yes (minor)


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